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Posted by Khalil Bawar on

We love Aperos. You too?

Here are the 5 most important facts about Apero ("Apéro").

For the end of an event, business meeting or just as a get together after work with colleagues or friends: Apéro is incredibly important in the Swiss culture. Whether you would like to meet new people or you need to discuss certain issues, the Apéro is the perfect event to do that. Sharing some snacks and a wine together breaks the ice. It's all about human interaction. And yes: during the current pandemic, we miss Apérs a lot.

Here we share the five most important facts for your next Apéro:

  1. The Apéro is not a meal. It takes place in the afternoon as a get together before dinner with other (or same) people and other place.
  2. Food and drinks are a crucial part of the Apéro. Usually you want to offer meat, snacks, water, white wine, orange juice and beer. Keep it lean in terms of quantity - but not quality.
  3. Usually there is no formal beginning or end (like a speech). The Apéro starts informally and ends that way. As a host you are the first one to be there and the last one to leave.
  4. Don't start before 4pm and not later than 5pm. In Switzerland people tends to start early to work (most of our colleagues at 7/8am, but no the author of this text ;) )
  5. You can but you do not have to have background music. Make sure that it is not too loud that people need to scream to each other. The kind of music can be classic or house. It should not distract people from each other. Do not forget: The Apéro is about human connection.


Fun Fact: In Switzerland there are a few companies having once a month a "GrundlosApéro". To some aperos you invite people (changing jobs, birthday etc.). The "Grundlos" is open to everybody and self-organized by the employees. Staff, mananagement, board members - everybody joins and has a good time. Do you have everything for your next Apéro?


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