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Our story at InnoPodcast

Posted by Khalil Bawar on
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Our story at InnoPodcast

At the InnoPodcast, Switzerland's most successful corporate podcast, Julie Mackmood was invited to share our story about how we deliver the Swiss taste to the world. Tune in.

Jeff Bezos. Julie, our project lead, met him a while ago and they did chat during a conference. To pitch the Swiss Authentic Shop to him would be amazing. In case you know the former Amazaon CEO, feel free to make an intro.

Podcasting includes a lot of work and podcasting works. In episode #34 of the InnoPodcast, Julie shares the story behind the Swiss Authentic Shop. When you want to start something new, put yourself in your customers' shoes. As we did: A study of 400 Swiss expats in France, the UK, Germany and the USA revealed that Swiss products are missed. This was our motivation to give it a try.

Julie explains how she pitched the shop to a number of partners, including Kambly, Coop, Migros and Zweifel. How do you make ideas and projects a reality in such a huge company? But also, how did we attract interest and generate more than 120 sales within two and a half months?

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