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Beer Carrier

Beer Carrier

187.00 CHF

Our beer carrier Alpaufzug Säntis (silhouette by Jolanda Brändle, Mosnang) is precision handcrafted from exclusive Eastern Swiss walnut. After all, the revered hop beverage deserves decent packaging and transport.
The vividly grained precious wood does not come from a classic forest tree, but is mainly found in gardens. Due to its low availability, it is one of the most valuable wood species. The different structures are beautifully brought to bear, the surface remains saw-rough and naturally oiled. The processed walnut wood is hard, tough and not very elastic, which also has a positive effect on the subsequent use. It remains dimensionally stable and therefore hard-wearing. Each bottle carrier is uniquely handmade, which is complemented with a vintage style metal bottle opener and the bottom magnets to catch the coasters.

Carrier (without content)
for six beer bottles with diameter of 7.3 cm
Dimensions l 29 w 16.5 h 30 cm