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Berger cow bell with strap, 20 cm in diameter

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A4 Berger cow bell with strap 111

Berger Bell no A420H111, bell about 20 cm in diameter, about 55 cm high with strap, strap 10 cm wide
With the A4 design, a traditional red / white border in combination with the Swiss coat of arms and two edelweiss made of fabric, you are handing over a high-quality gift for all kinds of occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, retirement, weddings and club events. Or may it be an exclusive customer gift for your best corporate customers? Giving was yesterday. Create experiences.
Berger bell, cast by hand, in different sizes
Real Swiss cowbell "Made in Switzerland"
Alloy: original bell bronze
Individually labeled and decorated by hand
Strap connected by hand to bell using leather straps

Bellbelt edged in red / white round point
Genuine bell strap leather
Swiss coat of arms sewn on
2 Edelweiss sewn on
Bell strap buckle 111 made of brass
Buckle sewn in by hand

With certificate of authenticity!

Individually from A - Z

Combine your personal Swiss cowbell with an individual inscription or a logo on a plaque, an engraving on the buckle or a cast inscription on the bell. The coat of arms can of course be exchanged for other coats of arms from all cantons as well as family and country coats of arms or company logos. The icing on the cake of the individual bell is the color matching of the border with the coat of arms.
With this handcrafted one-of-a-kind product you always make the right choice and are guaranteed to stand out from ordinary gifts.

Traditional handcraft, 100% Swiss Made

Glockengiesserei Berger GmbH · Bell no 20 H