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Berger Vogelnestli 74 g

Berger Vogelnestli 74 g

1.80 CHF

A classic among delicate Swiss pastries. A ring of hazelnut cream on a delicate shortcrust pastry base, with a delicious jam filling. A delightful pastry combination.

Nutritional values per 100 g
in kJ
in kcal
Protein Carbohydrates  Sugar Fat Saturated
fatty acid
Fibre Salt
1752 420 6.1 62.0 38.0 17.0 6.5 2.5 0.7



sugar, WHEAT FLOUR, HAZELNUTS 16%, vegetable oils unhardened (coconut, rapeseed), glucose syrup, humectant (sorbitol), WHEAT GERMS, raspberry 3%, EGG WHITE*, fractionated BUTTERFATS , EGGS*, dextrose, invert sugar, gelling agent (pectin), acid (citric acid, sodium citrate), salt, colouring fruit juice concentrate, flavour, preservative, (potassium sorbate).

*free range