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Cutting Board

Cutting Board

245.00 CHF

HOME expresses love for a certain area. The connection to the Säntis region is particularly reflected in this cutting board: filigree handcrafted by the silhouette artist Jolanda Brändle from Mosnang engraved on this fine wood from a small factory in eastern Switzerland. The cutting board Alpaufzug Säntis is traditional and rustic, and at the same time it can be admired for its elegance and exclusivity. The walnut wood from Eastern Switzerland makes every single board unique, the colors and structures are different for every piece of wood. Would you also like to express the feeling of home and solidarity around the Säntis? Arrange your food on the serving board. For example, the back can be used as a cutting surface and the front for presentation. Regardless of whether it's used for an aperitif, cakes or bread - the board is always an eye-catcher. The cutting board is also ideal as a gift idea, for customers, employees or their loved ones. Give away a piece of home and thus lasting joy!

Size M (W 18 cm L 48 cm)