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Fondue Swiss Style 800 g

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Fondue Swiss Style 800 g

This classic fondue blend is composed of the three most well-known and popular cheeses from all regions of Switzerland: Emmental from the Bernese Mittelland, Gruyère from Western Switzerland and Tilsiter, which is produced mainly in Eastern Switzerland.

2 bags of 400 g (total: 800 g)
Slightly alcoholic

Practical tips

Preparation (per person about 200g cheese): Rub the caquelon with a clove of garlic and then add the fondue mixture. Bring the mixture to a boil while stirring constantly. Before serving, whisk until creamy, season with pepper, nutmeg or paprika as desired and quickly place on a heated rechaud.
During the meal, stir the fondue regularly with the skewered bread cubes. Excellent as a full meal.
Dry and sparkling white wine (served cool) or tea are particularly suitable to drink with your meal.


cheese 53 % (Emmental, Gruyère, Tilsiter), white wine, water, potato starch, kirsch, table salt, emulsifying salt: E 339, spices

Nutritional value

Per 100g contained: energy value 990 kJ (239 kcal), protein 15 g, carbohydrates 3,5 g, fat 16 g

Allergy facts