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Coffee Boncampo Beans Large 1 kg

Coffee Boncampo Beans Large 1 kg

11.90 CHF

Coffee Boncampo Beans 'Large'

Our daily controls guarantee you a constant quality. The great coffee blend and the excellent skills of our roasting master guarantee the perfect pleasure. Let us spoil you. Freshly roasted and aroma-protected packed in a protective environment. To perfect the taste bouquet, we recommend that you prepare the coffee with fresh and soft water. Close the package well after opening.

Acidity: 3 / 5
Degree of strength: 3 / 5
Body: 3 / 5

Practical tips

Grinding degree:

Fully automatic coffee machine: Fine
Semi-automatic coffee machine: Fine
Filter machine: Medium


Arabica coffees from Central and South America and Robusta coffees from Asia.