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Keycabins wooden key holder (Schlüsselhalter aus Holz)

37.05 CHF

Keycabins are the intelligent solution to organize your keys compactly and easily.

Just like a pocket knife, the individual keys can be easily moved with your fingers. No more big, jingling bunch of keys that scratch everything, don't fit in your pocket and don't look nice either.

The practical Keycabins are "swiss made". The wood of the base plates comes from parquet floor sections (leftovers from parquet laying). All metal parts, such as the bottle opener screwdriver included, are made of stainless steel. And we have also thought of eyelets for attaching your car key.

The assembly is quick and easy and the set contains everything you need for it. With the different extension screws (bolts) you can determine the size of the keys (1 to 13 keys possible). A washer is placed between each key so that the keys can move smoothly. When the bolts are completely filled up to the upper edge, you mount the second base plate and tighten the bolts with a "20gerli".

A great Swiss product that we can only recommend!

Additional Information

Size: 9 x 2 cm
Weight: 25 g