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Dörrbohnen / Dried Beans M-Classic  100 g

Dörrbohnen / Dried Beans M-Classic 100 g

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Dörrbohnen / Dried beans  M-Classic


Produzent: Delica AG,  Hafenstrasse 120, 4127 Birsfelden.
Traditional Swiss specialty. Dried beans are green pods of garden beans that have been preserved by drying. They are especially common in Switzerland and the Palatinate region. Before consumption, dried beans must be soaked for several hours. Then they are steamed with onions, garlic and spices and deglazed with broth. Dried beans are often served as an accompaniment to meat dishes such as the Bernese platter.

Good things take time: The bean drying process takes about ten hours. Dried beans are ideal for this as a reserve for winter vegetable dishes.

Nutritional value

100g includes: Energy value 1200 kJ (287 kcal); protein 26g; carbohydrates 22g thereof sugar 13g; fat 3g; thereof saturated fatty acids <0.5g; fiber 34g; sodium 0.12g

Allergen Phrase

Despite careful processing, stones and other foreign bodies may occasionally occur.