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Meringues (Shell shaped) 107 g

Meringues (Shell shaped) 107 g

3.40 CHF

Meringues Shells

Meringues are dry meringue cookies consisting of protein and sugar. That the deliciously fine meringues, first mentioned in France in 1691, actually come from the village of Meiringen in the Bernese Oberland, as it is circulated, is rather unlikely, despite the similarity of the French name to the village name. Because a lot of sugar is needed to produce them, and until the cultivation of sugar beets, sugar was rare and very expensive. What is certain, however, is that meringues - always enriched with a lot of cream (or even heavy cream) - are the classic, almost indispensable dessert at a banquet in the cantons of Bern and Fribourg.


Sugar, protein (from barn management), protein powder (from barn management), acidifier: citric acid

Nutritional value

100g contained: energy value 1684 kJ (396 kcal); fat <0.5g, thereof saturated fatty acids 0g; carbohydrates 94g, thereof sugar 94g; ; dietary fiber 0g; protein 5g; salt 0.21g

Produzent: Confiserie Berger AG, Dorfplatz 5, 3110 Münsingen