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Nuss-Stängeli (Crunchy nut biscuits) 500 g

Nuss-Stängeli (Crunchy nut biscuits) 500 g

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Nuss-Stängeli (crunchy nut biscuits) 500 g


The lightly roasted and therefore crispy-hard nut sticks, called "Totebeili" (little dead legs) by many, originally come from the Swiss canton of Graubünden. The hazelnut pastry has the slightly macabre name because in former times it was served with coffee during abdications. Nowadays they are spread all over Switzerland. In French-speaking Switzerland they are known as "Croquants aux noisettes" (crunchy nut biscuits).


Wheat flour, sugar, hazelnuts 29 %, protein powder (from barn), milk protein (contains lactose), raising agent: E 503, barley malt

Nutritional value

100g includes: Energy value 1960 kJ (466 kcal); fat 18g, thereof saturated fatty acids 1.5g; carbohydrates 64g, thereof sugar 34g; fiber 4g; protein 10g; salt <0.1g

Allergen phrase

May contain other nuts and sesame seeds.
Produzent: Midor AG, Bruechstrasse 70, 8706 Meilen