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Rösti Original 500 g

Rösti Original 500 g

3.90 CHF

Rösti 'Original'

It doesn't get more Swiss than this: the potato rösti - pronounced "d Rööschti" in the original - is the quintessential Swiss national dish. Only two questions remain hotly disputed. First, whether this potato dish is actually less popular in French-speaking Switzerland, i.e. beyond the so-called "Rösti divide", than in German-speaking Switzerland. And then there is the question of whether a perfect Rösti is better made from already peeled potatoes or from raw ones. However, you needn't worry about this war of beliefs:

With this original Rösti from Migros production, you have the perfect ready-made Rösti in the pan that tastes exactly the way a really crispy Swiss "Rööschti" should taste


Potatoes 95%, rapeseed oil, cooking salt, vegetable stock, potato starch, antioxidant: ascorbic acid and sodium metabisulphite, spice extract.


100g contain: Energy value 465 kJ (111 kcal); Protein 2g; Carbohydrates 17g, of which sugar <0.5g; Fat 3.5g, of which saturated fat <0,.5g; Fibre 1.5g; Salt 0.9g 


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