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Small Chalet

Small Chalet

121.00 CHF

Traditional Swiss buildings - whether maiensäss, barns or chalets - constantly defy the changeable weather of our Alps. Their wood is sun-tanned on the mountain slopes, high above the valleys, and furrowed by wind, rain and snow. Thus, each chalet tells its own unique story and its wood becomes one of a kind. In the "Mon Petit Chalet" collection, only recycled wood from real Swiss chalets is used. The hand-selected reclaimed wood planks are carefully processed so that the original character can be preserved. The silhouette by Esther Gerber is turned from raw steel into a filigree work of art with the help of high-tech lasers, adding to the fascination of the product. "Mon Petit Chalet" brings a piece of Swiss history into your home.


Dimensions: 30.5 × 18-23 × 3 cm