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Swissdent Extreme Mouthspray 9 ml

11.20 CHF

Dental care and oral hygiene - for a pleasant, radiantly beautiful smile

The Swissdent Extreme Mouthspray is an indispensable part of daily dental care. It refreshes the breath in seconds and thus ensures perfect oral hygiene. The spray's patented Oxygard® technology neutralises unpleasant odours caused by the consumption of highly seasoned food, alcohol or cigarettes. Swissdent Extreme Mouthspray makes a valuable contribution to maintaining oral hygiene by eliminating harmful bacteria and lightening yellowish tooth discolouration.

Extreme Mouthspray contains no fluoride. However, it still provides long-lasting protection against bacteria that cause unpleasant bad breath. If necessary, it can be sprayed into the mouth several times a day. This compact mouth spray is a practical travel accessory that provides fresh breath anytime and anywhere. Do you smoke, drink lots of coffee or love strongly spiced food? The Swissdent Mouth Spray cares for your teeth and keeps your breath fresh all day long.