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Traditional Spitzbuben biscuits 200 g

Traditional Spitzbuben biscuits 200 g

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Traditional Spitzbuben biscuits


The Spitzbuben is a sweet short pastry filled with jam between two layers of dough. They belong to the classic Christmas pastries, but are often eaten with tea. The oldest recipe found for this comes from the cookbook "The Masterpiece of the Kitchen" from 1929. Because of their funny face shape the pastry is especially popular with children. Many bakers say: If children can choose freely, they usually take one of these.
Midor bakes her "traditional" biscuits only with eggs from Swiss free-range farming and uses no preservatives. In doing so, she is setting an important signal in the industry.


Wheat flour, vegetable oils, sugar, fructose, dextrose, raspberry pulp 3%, egg yolk (from free-range farming), currant juice 1.5%, invert sugar syrup, lemon juice, elderberry juice, salt, gelling agent: pectin, natural flavour, acidity regulator: E 331, acidulant: citric acid, barley malt

Nutritional value

100g includes: Energy value 2049 kJ (488 kcal); fat 19g, thereof saturated fatty acids 7g; carbohydrates 72g, thereof sugar 32g; dietary fiber 2.5g; protein 6g; salt 0.27g

Allergen Phrase

May contain milk, nuts and sesame